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Tips on How to protect your NAS ?

Hacking is very common and its your responsibilities to protect your NAS or office internet. We have seen many cases of hacked sites and nas with inexperience users. Below are some key tips to secure. Think like a hacker and try not to use password related to your personal details because hackers are like detective….

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What can a power loss or outage cause ?

A graceful shutdown using the power button is perfectly fine cause the OS will shutdown it system files gracefully however if your office and home and have frequent power instability. There are many harm it can do to your system and data. A power power outage can reduce a hard drive’s physical lifespan. The read-and-write head,…

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Birth of Uncle Storage

uncle ‎(plural uncles) A source of advice, encouragement, or help. storage An object or place in which something is stored. Uncle Storage was founded by Uncle Eddie who just reach his early 30’s. Being in this IT industry for over a decade he have met many customers and most of them have a common issue…

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