Tips on How to protect your NAS ?

Hacking is very common and its your responsibilities to protect your NAS or office internet. We have seen many cases of hacked sites and nas with inexperience users. Below are some key tips to secure.

  1. Think like a hacker and try not to use password related to your personal details because hackers are like detective. They get bits and pieces of clues and glue them together and try to bruteforce your account.
  2. Dont use simple password like password and dictionary word like strawberry etc.
  3. Under your NAS make sure you are using an alternative port cause normally hackers have port scanners that scan common ports. By changing your port it help slow them down if theres an exploit in your current firmware or appliance
  4. Use a combination of Upper and lower case password together with a string of random characters.
  5. Use 16 characters password which makes bruteforce painfully difficult
  6. Do not use public computers to access your cause keyloggers are common.
  7. Always update your firmware frequently
  8. Always use security login for your shared services and also enforce difficult password
  9. Make your NAS intranet and access it via another computer which makes it even harder to access.
  10. Have regular backups so that if it is hacked or deleted or encrypted by hackers like Synology incident. you are pratically safe from random.

Above are some tips on protecting your NAS. Feel free to comment and add.

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