No, Currently we our team are based in Singapore however we would like to explore other opportunies.

You may contact our technical support at support@unclestorage.com for technical enquiries or sales@unclestorage.com for sales enquiry. You may also call us during office hours Mon – Fri at +65 6255 7478

Shopping with Uncle Storage is definately safe, We have dedicated IT team managing our online store and security are well handled by our in house professionals.

Once payment is made, there is no refunds and defects will be handled by respective manufacturers. You may cancel the product if payment has not been made as orders will only be processed once we receive the full payment.

Once order has been made. Our sales representative will contact you within 1 working day to confirm on stock availability. Most products with ready stock take within 3 – 7 working and higher end models requires ordering from manufacturer which takes about 2 weeks to 1 month depending on timeline given. We hope to provide as much selection for our customers so that they are not limited by System integrator or salesman pushing you ready stocks which might not work for your business.

Uncle storage is made up of a team of geeks that have a passion for hardware. Products on our site are handpicked and selected by us. We also have strong product knowledge in all the products on our site and we can easily provide premium support unlike other vendors that refer you to manufacturers. Our price is also transparent and we reward our regular buyers with discounts and freebies.