7020-P45 – 32MB (256Mb) FLASH / 512MB (4gb) DDR3 RAM – 4X DVI – Fiber Ready (909102-72L)

Experience uncompromising computing with the benefits of secure, centralised management. The Dell Wyse P45 PCoIP zero client for VMware View is a secure, easily managed zero client that provides outstanding graphics performance for advanced worker level office productivity applications. About the size of a notebook, this dedicated zero client designed specifically for VMware View. It features the latest processor technology from Teradici to process the PCoIP protocol in silicon and includes client side content caching to deliver the highest level of display performance available over 4 HD displays in a compact, energy efficient form factor. The Dell Wyse P45 delivers a rich user experience while resolving the challenges of provisioning, managing and securing enterprise desktops.



Brilliant graphics processing optimises advanced applications such as CAD, 3D modelling, video editing and office productivity applications
Connects via Ethernet or fiber locally over the LAN or remotely over the WAN, 4 USB ports; supports USB 2.0
Provides a secure alternative to managing a local OS and applications; easily managed with Dell Wyse Device Manager (WDM)
Uses less than 15 Watts of power in full operation
Supports up to 4 HD displays, multimedia playback and HD
Fibre Ready


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