HP MSA 1040 SAS Storage

Kit contents :   (K2Q89A)
1x MSA 1040 SFF Chassis
2x MSA 1040 SAS Controller
2x 0.7m PDU cords (ICE C14)
1x HP mini-USB CLI Cable
Hardware – Rackmount kit included
support up to 24x 2.5″ SFF HDDs (SAS HDDs ONLY)All MSA 1040 models come STANDARD with 64 snapshots and Volume Copy software.
512 Snapshot option is also available for additional cost.

Each module comes with 2 controllers .  NO Additional controllers can be added
Each Controller has 2 ports with the appropriate SFP
Standard Warranty :  Three-year limited warranty, parts exchange Next Business day delivery.
Enclosures, Hard drives, and Options for the MSA 1040 carry their own warranty.

$7,750.92 $8,831.30

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Entry consolidation and virtualization initiatives are now well in your budgetary reach. The HPE MSA 1040 Storage offers many of the HPE MSA 2040 features but at a substantially lower entry price points.

HPE ProLiant and BladeSystems administrators as well as IT generalists will find storage management tasks simple and intuitive with MSA. The MSA 1040 arrays leverage a new 4th-generation controller architecture with a new processor, 2-host ports and 4 GB cache per controller.

Take advantage of the latest hard drives advances by choosing the form factor and technology which best meet your application and budget requirements. Unlike many competing arrays, the MSA 1040 ships standard with intuitive management tools and powerful data services such as Snapshots and Volume Copy for increased data protection.

What’s new

  • Virtualization features such as remote snap replication and volume copy are now extended to virtual storage with GL220 firmware or newer
  • Now prioritize your workloads with Virtual Tier Affinity and also efficiently manage and control snapshots
  • Now you can turn on the advanced virtualization features on the MSA 1040 at a very low price point
  • MSA 1040 now supports both SSDs and Performance Auto Tiering with GL220 firmware or newer
  • SSD support is available at multiple capacity points ranging from 200GB to 3.2TB


Simple: Flexible Architecture. Easy to Setup. Easy to Manage

The integrated setup and management Web-based Interface (WBI) makes MSA easy to manage for HPE ProLiant/BladeSystems administrators and IT generalists.
Leverage the latest Large or Small Form Factor hard disk drives –choice of High-performance Enterprise-class SAS or high-capacity SAS Midline drives based on application, performance and budget requirements.
On-board management tools augment OS and hypervisor views navigate firmware upgrades, monitor array performance with ease locally or remotely.

Affordable: Popular iSCSI/SAS/Fibre Channel Configurations

Dual controller configurations are standard and available at single controller price points.
More capacity/performance within your budget.
Latest MSA technology at lower cost.

Fast: The MSA 1040 Delivers up to 50% More Performance Compared to P2000 G3

The MSA 1040 leverages the 4th generation MSA architecture, 2-port controllers with 4 GB Cache each, faster processor and a performance optimized I/O engine.
Increased performance translates into better application response times and facilitates entry consolidation and virtualization initiatives.

Futureproof: Built-in Expandability Along with an MSA 2040 Upgrade Option

Add Disk Enclosures as needed to boost capacity and spindle count. Most low-cost entry arrays don’t allow expansion.
Data-in-Place upgrades eliminate time-consuming and risky data migrations.
MSA 1040 allow simple controller swap to flagship MSA 2040. Other value-priced arrays force you to compromise.
For other configuration please contact us


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