Rack Servers

Rack Servers

Rack Servers for your business / datacenters.

Rack Servers


At Uncle storage customers can buy a wide range of rack servers for your business needs. It is slightly more costly then tower based servers because they have improved air circulation and packed in a height measured by “U” e.g 1u,2u. It is commonly used to host your business ERP systems, Email server and other web hosting services. Compared to Desktop computers, their performance and reliability are far more superior because of the components used in manufacture to motherboards.

Some features of servers

  • They normally come with raid cards that allows storage redundancy
  • The harddisk are hot swap which allows easy replacement of harddisk
  • NBD warranty are normally bundled together with the servers
  • Most servers run on XEON servers which are able to handle extreme workloads
  • They have multiple cores and are capable of doing virtualization
  • They also have redundant power supply ( on some models )
  • Run on ECC rams which is reliable compared to desktop non-ECC rams

Customers can engage us to do the following services for your company

  • Setting up of web servers
  • Setting up of AD servers
  • Setup of filesharing services.
  • Private Chat servers
  • Email Server setup
  • Installation and setup of current web hosted applications to your own premises.
  • Setup of OS such as Windows server 2012 R2 or Linux based distros
  • Setup of GNU NAS appliance such as Freenas

Below are the following brands of server we offer

  • Lenovo Servers
  • HP Servers
  • Dell Servers
  • Customized ASROCKRack high performance servers.

Please note that these servers are not recommended for home use as they are pretty loud and are normally mounted on server racks. If you do not have a rack in your office , you can consider tower based servers or purchase a rack from us.

Customers can check out our servers here

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